Other side of Civilization

Recently me and my husband went to Maddur to take some photographs of the ongoing Garbage issues. Why Garbage issues?. All India People’s Science Network held its 15th Congress on 22nd to 25th of May in Bangalore. This was organized by Karnataka Rashtriya Vijnana Parishat(KRVP) and Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti(BGVS). One of the BGVS activists requested me to submit a photo essay on developmental issue. As soon as I heard the topic, Garbage issues came to my mind. So we decided to visit Maddur, a small village near Mandya.

Here are some of the pictures that I took at the Dumping yard of Maddur. This dumping yard is nearly 10 kms from Maddur Village. It is a remote area where one cannot get water and food easily.

There are 2 families living in this yard. They are having 2 toddlers in their family. When we visited this yard, these two kids were playing near their home. We cannot even imagine a house of this kind. They built their house with whatever material available from the garbage, that is, from our waste.

Garbage arrives at this yard in municipality vehicle 2 to 3 times a day.


One among the toddlers is a girl. I am not aware of the fact about her schooling but, she was helping her grandpa in the yard during our visit.



Whatever we consider as wastes,  were becoming their precious possession. The naked kid casually picked up a dress from the garbage and asked her grandpa to help her in dressing up.


Most of us don’t want to step out during rainy season to avoid the plashy roads. But we were in total shock to see one of the kids drinking the water from the mud to quench his thirst.


We were debating on technology to dispose the nuclear waste. But we are unable to implement a solution to our normal day-to-day waste disposal.

3 thoughts on “Other side of Civilization

  1. A Touching write up… we as educated and civilised individuals should do more to the society in helping them reach at least to the next level in society…Let this be an eye opener to one and all.. Excellent pics as well Vanila

  2. joshi daniel says:

    nicely documented and what a sad life especially for the kid!

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