Garden city to Garbage city, thus proved.

Last week Bangalore roads are piled up with trashes, due to the strike of BBMP(Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) officials. This strike had a great impact on the Garbage collection as well. Clicked some photographs of garbage bags in front of the houses as well as on the roads.

Garbage Bags on the compound of a house.

People decorated a tree with garbage bags.

In front of the Oracle Office.

These are the good proofs of a modern saying “Bangalore is turning from Garden City to Garbage City”.

The other side of Bangalore, LalBagh flower Show, clicked on the same day. Since it was inagurated by the Chief minister, not even a single garbage pile was found inside LalBagh.

Glass House of LalBagh, decorated with Flowers.

Cleaning worker near the feet of Bahubali at Shravanabelagola

Spritual leaders will also stink, if pourakarmikas go on strike.

As our friend Senthil points out, the salaries of the people who makes the city dirty, is more than the people who cleans up the city. Actually the salaries of these people in cities are better while comparing those salaries of pourakarmikas in villages.

There is a strike going on in Tamil Nadu to increase the salaries of the village pourakarmikas. Hope they will get a good result.

Last but not the least, we can use a good deodarant to hide our body odour, but for the city’s garbage odour… Think.


8 thoughts on “Garden city to Garbage city, thus proved.

  1. durgarani says:

    gr8 start vanila…english is very simple,good.

  2. vanilabalaji says:

    Thanks Rani and Kamalesh.

  3. kamalesh says:

    super vanila

  4. Vishnu Priya says:

    Nice article bai…. Thoughts very well expressed..

  5. eskarthic says:

    Awesome vanila.. photos and content are good.. last punch line is sema..Keep them coming..

  6. Balaji Kutty says:

    Well captured!. Recently, the garbage piling up in Bangalore even without any strike by BBMP workers. This is just a glimpse of what will happen if they go on strike just for couple of days.
    Whenever I see the garbage, I get the feeling that are we throwing lot of garbage, or, are we living inside the garbage dump itself. The reason being that all street corners near my house has been developing into a garbage dumping ground.
    Moreover, we people living in the cities not only destroy our surroundings. We destroy near by villages too. Look at these URL’s that bring out Mavallipura people’s protest against garbage dump from Bangalore.

    It all shows that we screw up our planet Earth.

  7. Anuradha says:

    Nice blog bei.Nice photos & contents in easy way bei..g8 work…

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